Dec 6, 2010

Big 12 Championship Trip

My wife, myself, Ryan from my pool team and his cousin headed off to Cowboy's Stadium last Friday night. Leaving our pool cues at home for a change...

We drove to Oklahoma City on Friday night, and drove the rest of the way on Saturday morning. At our gas stop in Kansas, I left the headlights on (they were on "auto" and I had the key turned over) and the Acura wouldn't start. There were an abundance of Husker fans at the gas station willing to help out! Got a jump and were on our way within mere minutes.

I landed us a couple cheap Holiday Inn rooms with my Priority Club points, mostly earned through work overnight stays. The next day we drove, I entered "Cowboy Stadium" into my DROID and it got us...well close to the stadium. Cowboy Stadium, Coppell, TX is different than Cowboys Stadium, Arlington TX.

Got to the game okay, Nebraska started off great with a 17-0 lead early in the 2nd quarter...then we started fumbling and getting sacked left and right. Tough to watch the Huskers piddle it away with a 20-17 lead going into halftime and the defense holding Oklahoma to 6 points in the 2nd half!

Lost 20-23

Here are a few pictures...

My wife's first Husker shirt!

Pregame tailgate, we showed up was my first road game though!

Cowboy'SSSS Stadium

A view from your seats...the stairs up were at a steep angle!

After the game, Applebee's had half price appetizers...we each had to get two then!

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